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I just released my first Python Project on Git.

Emphasis Reads in a plaintext file from the command line. Outputs a randomly emphasized and bolded HTML5 file by adding either <b></b> or <i></i> tags to random words. use $~ python3 text.txt > emphasized_text.txt Example output text.txt Slouching away from the twisted sheets no laundered item rested on the chair, or layed neatly foldedContinue reading “I just released my first Python Project on Git.”


Fuzzing FPGA synthesis tools — John’s Blog

When you want to do some computation on an FPGA, it is traditional to enter your design in a language like Verilog, and then to use automatic synthesis tools to turn your Verilog design into a “configuration bitstream” that can be fed to your FPGA to make it perform the computation you want. These synthesis […]Continue reading “Fuzzing FPGA synthesis tools — John’s Blog”

Arduino Dip-Switch Binary Adder

Wire the Dip-switches to ground on one side with 1Kohm resistors. Wire the Dip-switches to Digital and Analog input pins D7-D10, A0-A3 UseINPUT_PULLUP in the code to indicate the negative wiring. Treat the Analog input pins as digital by using digitalRead() instead of analogRead() . Wire the LCD according to instructions found here on theContinue reading “Arduino Dip-Switch Binary Adder”